In 2013 we were a 29 bedded home but have now increased to 35 bedded home.

are bright, fresh and airy. All bedrooms have an en suite shower/wet room.

we have a large bright dining room to ensure meal times are relaxing and enjoyable.
read more Our chefs produce quality, nutritious home cooked foods, ensuring all dietary requirements are met. All our chefs are aware of individuals food likes and dislikes while discussing menu options during residents meetings.

we have beautiful grounds, large and secure. We have recently had a large orangery built which comes from the dining area onto the garden. This is bright and airy and a relaxing seating area.

TV lounge:
large TV lounge with calming surroundings Quiet areas: throughout the home we have quiet seating areas. These have music players, library and views onto our beautiful garden area.

Hairdressing/spa room:
we have a dedicated hairdressing room which is also used for hand and foot spas. this area is fresh and relaxing to ensure residents enjoy their experience.

We offer 24 hour care on a permanent or resit bite basis. Residential care is for people who are fining it increasingly difficult or becoming lonely at home. Residents will be supported with whatever aspects of everyday living they are fining to have become difficult including personal cares, laundry, cooking, gardening etc. so residents will then have more time to socialise, relax and enjoy themselves. We pride ourselves on ensuring a move is as seemless as possible. We will complete pre admissions to ensure we have as much knowledge as possible prior to the mover. Choosing the correct care home for your loved one can be overwhelming but we will be there to help and support you on the way.

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CQC Ratings We were very disappointed with our inspection result on this occasion, after having retained a 'good' rating previously. However, we moved quickly to deal with the few issues which affected us in this inspection, and we are now happy with how we perform in these area's. Our residents are and ALWAYS will be our first priority.
read more Is the service caring?
The service was caring. People were supported by staff who were kind, caring and attentive to their needs. Staff respected privacy and supported them to ensure dignity was independent and maintained.

Is the service responsive?
The service was responsive. Peoples assessed needs were planned for and met. Peoples care was reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure they received the most appropriate care to meet their needs. People were encouraged to maintain relationships with their families and friends. Staff encouraged people to participate in activities in the service and the community. There was a complaints policy and procedure in place which provided guidance to people who wanted to complain or raise a concern.

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